CLassY Booty Band 2.0

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This CLassY Booty Band 2.0 is slightly different than our first ones (white, grey, mint) because this material applies a more steady resistance throughout the full range of motion. Some find they can actually go down a size in the CLassY Booty Band 2.0 than the size CLassY Booty Band 1.0! 


What the Hip Circle 2.0 does:

•we recommend size S OR M for compound movements (i.e  hip thrusters, squats) and M  for all isolated movements (i.e lateral band walks, jump squats, kick backs) You are probably going to want 2 bands, but can’t go wrong starting with a medium. (If you have questions on bands you’ve bought before from us that are the CLassY Booty Bands 1.0, DM us on instagram (for a faster reply than email) and we’ll help you out! 

•0 slippage/won’t bunch up.

•improves your squat form by helping you do heavier weight and get lower. Thus, improving your range of motion all while enhancing form getting great activation

•helps incorporate your Gluteus Minimus- the often neglected butt muscle in squats, hip thrusters, and leg press

•a great tool for doing at home workouts with bodyweight

•machine washable

Tip: our most popular size is Medium

*Color of ombré bands can vary 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review